Sunday, July 6, 2014

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July 4th: Layered popsicles recipe

Photo courtesy of Bonappetit
For July 4th this year, we threw a little barbeque for friends. And what's a summer barbeque without something frosty and sweet for dessert?

The inspiration was a recipe I found in Better Homes and Gardens for layered popsicles using lemonade and juice. Because it was dead simple to make (but so pretty when complete), I thought I'd share it here.
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3-6 oz clear plastic cups
Plate or tray that fits in freezer
Sturdy drinking straws or plastic spoons
Strawberry lemonade
Pomegranate juice

The recipe:

Step one

Arrange desired number of cups on a small plate or tray. Place a straw/spoon inside each cup, then pour about 1 oz lemonade. Transfer tray to the freezer, and allow your first tray to set (about 60 minutes).

**Notes: I found that each layer took quite a while to freeze in my small freezer. Make sure each layer is solid before pouring in the next otherwise the colors will mix.

Step two

Remove tray from freezer, ad add 1 oz strawberry lemonade to the cups. Freeze for another 60 minutes, or until your second layer has set.

Step three

Top your pops with a later of pomegranate juice, and give them a final freeze of 60 to 70 minutes. 

Step four

When all the layers are solid, remove the pops from the freezer. If needed, trim straw length to make an easily held handle. If you wish to remove from cup, hold pop under warm water for a few seconds, turning it to gently melt the sides. Otherwise, serve and enjoy!

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