Monday, January 7, 2013

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Happiness is a pot of tea to yourself

I've declared January "tea month" -- it seemed like the thing to do. Here's the first post in my month-long exploration into the best beverage on earth.

As I sat over a steaming pot of tea this morning, cupping its sides to warm my hands in the chilly January air, I was just plain happy.

Traditionally, tea was a sign of civilization, a luxury, and a ritual. For my Grandma, it was the thing you must drink in the afternoon and evenings (she was British after all). For my Mom, it can be hot, cold, or any temperature in between as long as it's strong and black.

For me, it solves problems. Nothing looks as bad after a cup of tea or with one in hand.

So, this month I'm celebrating this brewed beverage in all forms.

Kicking off my month-long series, I'd like to discuss the teapot. Not to be confused with a teakettle (in which you boil water) a teapot is that noble vessel in which the tea is steeped, served, and kept warm. It never goes on the stove (this causes a very large explosion of hot water and teapot fragments as one of my friends recently proved). It just acts as the intermediary between boiling water and cup.

Teapots can be found in every shape, size, and level of adornment. Golf leafed, china, patterned with flowers, with sweeping spouts and intricately curved handles. Here is a collection of some of my favorites from around the web.